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Shotcrete Construction provides quality concrete construction contracting around Michigan. Although shotcrete is most commonly used in the construction and repair of pools, water features, and skate parks, shotcrete can be used in other applications such as bridges and dams.  

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is concrete that is sprayed through a hose at high velocities. The term shotcrete is used to explain either the wet-mix or dry-mix process. Wet-mix means that the concrete is prepared before being pumped through a hose, where dry-mix (commonly referred to as gunite) has the water added at the nozzle. Shotcrete is used as a construction technique that helps speed up and expands the versatility of concrete. It is is sprayed on to steel reinforcement to form very strong structures and can be used in a vast number of applications.

Shotcrete is commonly used for the construction and repair of pools. It can also be used for the construction and repair of bridges, dams, overpasses, skate parks, earth support, and many other things.


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